Let Love Be the Thing

let love be the thing -- poem by ms moem @msmoem

Let Love Be The Thing – a poem by Ms Moem.

This poem is free to use as an alternative wedding reading – if you decide to include this poem in your wedding ceremony, please do drop me a line and let me know. I love hearing where my poems get to, so don’t forget to tell me whereabouts in the world you are. I LOVE that!!

What Would You Miss?

If you are sad or feeling down
Ask yourself only this;
What are the things, if not around,
that you would truly miss?

From there, bend your priorities
to make those things your guide.
For whilst you live with what you love
You’ll feel content inside.

What Would You Miss is a short poem about finding contentment, written by Ms Moem. ©

What would you miss? A poem about finding contentment by Ms Moem

Hard To Love

Hard To Love ~ a poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Hard To Love

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
I realise. I’m aware.
Its silver lining shows me
Who’s real; who really cares.

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
It’s quite a cross to bear.
But happily I find comfort
In those who are always there.

Hard To Love is a short poem by Ms Moem. ©

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