Best Friend Friendship Poem

best friend friendship poem by english poet ms moem

I really hope you like this best friend friendship poem. If you do and you would like to give a copy to your friend, you can find an instant download to purchase and print yourself, on my etsy store.

You can even personalize it by signing it with your name too!

All poems on this poetry blog is © Ms Moem unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

Best Godmother Poem


World’s Best Godmother

Life can be funny.
People come and go
But some last the distance
And watch as you grow.
Those are the people
Who capture your heart
And I want you to know
That you’ve left your mark.
You’re one in a million &
A diamond through and through.
You’re the world’s best Godmother.
Thanks for being you!

© World’s Best Godmother Poem written by English poet, Ms Moem.

You can purchase a copy of this poem to download and print to give to your Godmother, in my etsy store.

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