Being Santa | A Poem

being santa poem by ms moem

Being Santa

Being Santa must be fun!
Giving gifts to everyone
And riding on a magic sleigh;
Jingle jingle all the way.

He’s read a billion Christmas lists,
Employed some elves to wrap the gifts,
Fed the reindeer, tied his boots
And slipped into his nice red suit.

Setting out on Christmas Eve,
Flying over towns and trees,
To every place, down every road
To all the children round the globe.

It’s such a feat of dedication
Speeding to each destination
With a smile upon his face
Then onwards, to another place.

When he’s been all round the world
To every boy and every girl
And left some presents to be found,
His work is done; he’s homeward bound!

Mince pies and milk, he’s had plenty.
His heart is full, his sack is empty.
He cheers as he returns, a winner.
Home in time for Christmas dinner!

Being Santa is a short Christmas poem by English Poet, Ms Moem.

My Mummy Heart | A Poem

mymummy heart poem by Ms Moem Ⓒ @msmoem

My Mummy Heart

I had a heart I thought was full of love.
And then I met you.
And it grew.

I had a hand that I didn’t know was empty
Until I felt yours in mine.
Such a precious time.

I didn’t know how fierce I could be
Until it came to protecting you.
My courage grew.

I thought I had seen everything the world has to offer
Until I looked at it with you.
I saw life anew.

I had a heart I thought was full of love
Until I met you
And my mummy heart grew.

My Mummy Heart is a short poem about motherhood by Ms Moem.

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