Happy Birthday Eamonn Holmes

It’s a birthday celebration so I’ll start the birthday cheers
For a chap whose career in journalism spans over 30 years.
I’m not sure that there is a channel on which he hasn’t been sighted
And I can also tell you he worships at the altar of Manchester United.

He’s the loveable Irish gentleman, who is with us as day is dawning;
He’s the star of Sunrise on Sky News and a regular on This Morning.
He’s versatile and he’s credible and that really is the truth
And he makes an even better team with his glamorous & lovely wife Ruth.

I’m sure that you’ve now gathered which father of four we’re talking about.
He’s has one the most recognized faces and voices; of that there is no doubt.
Yes, it’s Eamonn Holmes birthday, which falls on the 3rd of December;
A date that he shares with my daughter so I can never fail to remember!

So happy birthday Eamonn, on this snowy and wintery day.
I hope that your celebrations will be full of fun in every way!
May the year ahead bring you all that you wish and more;
Enjoy your special day, as after all, that’s what it’s for!

Happy Birthday Eamonn Holmes is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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