54 Days Until Christmas

54 days until Christmas! Yikes!

Where has the year gone?

Best get co-ordinating my Christmas shopping lists and also sort out what crafty projects I will be indulging in.

My youngest daughter has already put her votes in for a wall of snowflakes. I’m quite partial to a bit of papercraft, so that’s a winner.

I also want to make some of my own wrapping paper this year. Well, not make the paper, but buy a roll of Kraft paper / packing paper, and then fancy it up with some bespoke calligraphy.

I also plan to make some Christmas cards for my closest people. It’s something that I used to do with my mum and I think it would be nice to re-visit those feelings. I surely do miss her.

Anyway, before this blog post meanders off into a maudlin direction, I will sign off and get list making!!

Are you planning any Christmas crafts?

The Aura Of Christmas | Poem

Poem ~ the aura of Christmas ~ by English poet, Ms Moem

The aura of Christmas is suspended in the air;
the nip of the cold, the trees almost bare,
the smoke from the chimneys, the stocks in the stores.
Yes, all the signs point to that time we all wait for.

There are packs of festive biscuits and carols on repeat,
the streets decked out in fairy lights for a fabulous visual treat.
Fir trees wait for families to rehome them, with delight,
covering them with baubles, tinsel and coloured lights.

There are smiles on people’s faces as they meet friends in town,
catching up on everything since they last saw them around.
And children write the lists that they will send to Santa’s den
and with that you know that Christmas is about to come again!

The Aura of Christmas is a short poem by Ms Moem. Ⓒ

Snowflakes – Christmas Crafting

Snowflakes Christmas crafting

I love a spot of Christmas crafting and I always start with a few snowflakes! These pretty pink snowflakes were made last year. I’ve got my glitter on standby and will be making a fresh batch to decorate the walls this festive season.

Are you a fan of making snowflakes? What Christmas crafts do you like to indulge in?


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