Loyalty Club

Welcome to the Ms Moem Loyalty Club!

Loyalty Club membership gives you the same fabulous bespoke poety, but with added exclusive products and discounts.

Loyalty Club membership costs just £99!*

For your £99, you will get your very own bespoke poem acrylic(up to 5 verses), written and created especially for you!
Ideas for your acrylic – your household rules, your wedding vows, your love story, your daily affirmation…….

It also entitles you to purchase up to 12 mini poems a year (3/4 verses – brilliant for birthday cards) at just £20* each!
That’s a birthday each month sorted out!

You will be the first to know about new poetry products and can enjoy 10% discount on all other poetry purchases!

Join Ms Moem’s Loyalty Club today and let the joy of poetry enhance your life!

Your bespoke poem acrylic will not only feature your bespoke poetry but you can also choose the colour scheme to match your decor. Black, white backgrounds available.


*Prices subject to change

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