Followed By Ms Moem

“Yes, I’m sure I wasn’t followed”
I said to my commander in chief.
But he snarled at me with angry eyes
Displaying his disbelief.

“I’m absolutely certain”
My voice steady and resolute.
But he simply raised his eyebrows
And rubbed his leg with his boot.

“I think I would have noticed”
A little less certainty shown.
I thought I’d made my journey
Completely and utterly alone.

“Perhaps there is a chance then
That somebody was in my wake”
The room was filled with tension
I sensed I had made a mistake.

The guards stationed by the windows
Seemed jumpy and on full alert.
My commander was eyeing my bosom
Commenting that it was nice and pert.

I fidgeted with my collar.
I felt my cheeks go red in hue.
I knew something was about to happen
And I really didn’t know what to do.

“So nobody knows you are here then?”
All I could do was stare at the floor.
I wanted to alter my story
But he didn’t want to talk anymore.

The guards closed ranks and turned round.
I heard a key turn in the lock.
My eyes were covered swiftly
And my yelps were stifled with someones sock.

I felt him push against me.
I tried to fight him off.
But he was much too strong for me
The battle was already lost.

My legs were pulled from under me
And SMASH!! I hit the deck.
Still he thrusted inside me
His hands tightly gripping my neck.

I’d always wanted to be a soldier
To fight for my country with pride
But I couldn’t even fight for myself
Crushed! I died inside.

It was then I left my body
And saw the scene below.
My commander was setting his clothes straight
And getting himself ready to go.

He didn’t even look at my body
As he stepped over me, to the door.
I wanted to try and stop him
But I was unable to fight anymore.

The guards were muttering softly
As roughly my body was moved.
Even after all of my suffering
I was still being constantly abused.

Dumped in a forest, undignified
Lifeless, and naked and cold.
I would not have believed this ending
If this was a story I had been told.

Years later, a ghostly apparation
As my commander in chief laid in bed
Didn’t have to worry about being followed;
She just came to make sure he was dead.

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