A Rhyming Poem About Daughters

This video is A Poem About Daughters by © Ms Moem.

It talks about how, as a mother to a daughter, you watch them turn into young women, just like you once were. They forge their own paths, yet some how, their hopes and dreams because equally important, and sometimes even more than your own.

Having a daughter is a joy, but it is bittersweet, as whilst your precious girls are blossoming, of course you are ageing. No-one can stop the clock. Enjoy your daughters – I am! 🙂

Promise Me

Promise Me is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Voiced by Jozefa Fawcett.

This poem is one of my collection of wedding poems. Promise Me takes a form that makes it suitable as a wedding reading, or even as your wedding vows. It is a poem that sums up the promises that you would hope your bride or groom would make for you, beyond “To have and to hold” and “To love and to cherish”.

If you would like to use this poem at your wedding ceremony, please do drop me a line and let me know. And I love to hear how my poems are received!

Domestic Violence. Don’t Cover It Up

Domestic Violence. Don’t Cover It Up.
Don’t hide from the world with your bruises and cuts.
You don’t deserve a life that is tarnished with violence.
None of this is your fault. Don’t suffer in silence.

The video above is a hard-hitting and powerful anti domestic violence message, created by Lauren Luke aka panacea81 on youtube, in association with Refuge.

If you are a woman experiencing domestic abuse – whether physical, emotional, psychological or financial – head to refuge.org.uk or call Freephone 0808 2000 247 for advice and support.

Don’t cover it up.

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