Over Dinner | Daily Poem Project Day 29

a poem about dinner | daily poem project day 29 | ms moem

Over Dinner

We gather round the table
To discuss and digest the day
With plates of steaming goodness
Chasing hunger pangs away.
We eat until we’re satisfied
Our tummies have been filled
Our highlights have been highlighted
And beans have been spilled.

A short poem by Ms Moem.

This is post 99.5 of 100 blogs in 100 days.

This is day 29 of the daily poem project for July. The prompt was food.

A Poem About A Job | #DailyPoemProject Day 28

a poem about jobs and working for money by ms moem - daily poem project day 28

Working Girl

She gets up each morning to
go to a job she doesn’t like.
Boredom spikes at around 10
When she realises she still
has hours to go.
Time slows
And every tick of the clock
Feels like a pause………..
Is she did what she loved
Her job would never be a chore.

A poem about jobs by Ms Moem.

This is poem 28 of my daily poem project.

This is post 98 of 100 blogs in 100 days.

A Poem About Childhood | #dailypoemproject day 27

a poem about childhood by Ms Moem | #dailypoemproject day 27

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Encouraged to see strangers as friends
A trip to the park ends
With a grin.
It begins with a coy hello
And before you know it
You are running around together
Enjoying the simple pleasures
Of slides and swings.
Uninhibited laughter rings free.
If only we never lost those values
how sweet life would be.

A poem about childhood by Ms Moem.

Day 27 of my Daily Poem Project For July

This is blog 97 of 100 blogs in 100 days!

A Poem About Strength #DailyPoemProject Day 24

poem about strength | daily poem project day 23 | ms moem


Mental and physical;
Emotional, raw.

Strength keeps you going
When you feel you can go on no more.

If you’re wondering if you are strong,
The answer is always yes.

Don’t underestimate
the silent strength
that you don’t even know you possess.

A poem about strength by Ms Moem.

This is poem 24 of my poem every day in July project #dailypoemproject.

This is post 94 of the 100 blogs in 100 days challenge.

First Flush Blush | #DailyPoemProject Day 22

first flush blush | poem prompt was pink | #dailypoemproject day 22 | ms moem

First Flush Blush

He was completely captivated;
under her spell
and on the brink.
He loved the way she
bit her lip and her
cheeks flushed
that certain shade of

This is a micro poem written by Ms Moem.

This is the 22nd poem in my daily poem project – the prompt was ‘pink’.

This is post 92 of 100 blogs in 100 days.

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