Music Monday 5

Music Monday is brought to you with a mainly soulful, acoustic r ‘n’ b flavour, featuring tracks from Esco Williams, Mic Lowry and Delleile Ankrah!

First up: Esco Williams – Oh Jordan

I discovered this track via the MOBO Awards twitter stream. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful harmonies and listened to it on repeat for weeks! It’s got a totally different vibe to any act around at present and Esco deserves to go a long way. It feels really organic. Esco is a singer/songwriter/producer from Liverpool and he is a winner of the MOBO Unsung award.
As an aside, I just know that my Mother would’ve loved Esco’s music too, and that in itself makes me smile.
I was delighted to find another of his songs, Breaking Bones, on youtube.

Then I stumbled across a group of young chaps who had posted a cover of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love. They go by the name of Mic Lowry and they are a boy band from Liverpool. Again I fell in love with the harmonies, and I have to say that this group contains some seriously powerful voices. Individually they are Ben, Michael, Delleile, Akia & Kaine. There’s something fascinating about a group of lads who look like they might be more likely to rap or just be hanging about doing normal teenage stuff………until they open their mouths to sing and those melodies just flow like they’ve been recording artists for decades.
Then I discovered that they were mentored by Esco Williams and it all slotted together like the orchestra on prom night!
Here are a few of their covers.

Beyonce – Drunk In Love Cover by Mic Lowry

Rather Be – Clean Bandit ~ cover by Mic Lowry

MNEK cover by Mic Lowry – Ready For Your Love

And finally I discovered a cover of a Chris Brown song I hadn’t heard before, by one of the singers of Mic Lowry, Delleile Ankrah. This is him apparently just messing around, but having gone on to listen Chris Brown’s own version, this young man has far more soul in his voice!

Chris Brown Take You Down cover by Delleile Ankrah

So have a listen to all these talented chaps. I could happily listen to a full album from any or all of them. Ones to watch!
What music has been doing it for you this week?

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Music Monday 4

This week I have been listening to some new singalong faves
The first is Flatline by MKS (aka the original Sugababes)

For Music Monday part 4, track number 2
Is Alicia Keys with If I Ain’t Got You.

Track number three has got a killer beat
It’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ from the man with the moonwalking feet!

The next is more melodic and I think it is an absolute delight!
It’s Mr Peter Andre with Perfect Night.

This is the last of today’s Music Monday picks for you!
It’s Rihanna with Te Amo – what have you been listening to?

Music Monday 3

Music Monday is here once more
And I hope you enjoy the tracks I have in store.

The first track up for a Ms Moem style shout
Is the Bajan beauty Rihanna with Roc Me Out

You can’t help but enjoy these young chaps as they sing
Penned by Ed Sheeran this is One Direction with Little Things.

This lady’s vocal control cannot be surpassed;
This is the one and only Christina Aguilera covering Etta James’ At Last

Here’s another vocal superstar who I could listen to every day
This Crazy In Love by the super talented Beyonce!

Finishing off with more Xtina, just because I can
So here is the great Christina Aguilera with the magic that is Candyman!

So that was Music Monday. Hasn’t that been a treat!
I’d love to hear what music you’ve been listening to this week!

Music Monday 2

The first in the weeks Music Monday picks
It’s How You Doin? by the lovely Little Mix

Track number two is a true triumph of sound
This is Justin Timberlake with What Goes Around….Comes Around

Here’s another one from Mr Timberlake because he always delivers.
This is a cracker, it is Cry Me A River.

So that was my first three tracks, are you ready for some more?
It’s Gentleman by the Saturdays that comes in at number 4

Jade Ewen with My Man is my final Music Monday choice;
A beautiful girl with an absolutely fabulous voice!

So I hope you enjoyed my Music Monday five!
Keep listening to your top tunes, as they make you feel alive!

Music Monday

This is a bit of a different post;
Music Monday is dedicated to the tunes I like most.
So get a cuppa, and sit right back
And have a listen to the following tracks.

I could listen to this first track all day.
It’s ‘Wild’ by the wonderful Jessie J.

A sensual track in at number 2.
It’s the inimitable Beyonce with Dance For You.

Another superb vocal in at number three;
This is Rita Ora with an acoustic performance of RIP.

Next up, 4 chaps who are retiring from music success
This is ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ by JLS.

Finally, a great beat with an excellent summer vibe.
It’s Lisa Williams with Keep The Spirit Alive.

So that was Music Monday, full of great tunes and voices.
Do feel free to respond to this blog and let me know your favourite choices!!

A little something

A little something for the LOLs. #Love4n ^^ click to listen


Now this is a story all about how
4networking dot biz was built right out of the ground.
It was founded by a northerner
And I’m a pal of his
Let me tell you how this network can be good for your biz.

In Somerset, England
The first group was made.
You can rock up to three meets
Before subscription must be paid.
You give an introduction
And arrange one on ones
Helping you to get appointments
Where you previously had none.
Now you might be sitting thinking
This doesn’t sound good
I’m already doing business in my neighbourhood
But there’s also other options
Like a passport and the forum
They are both tools for your business
You can use em or ignore em.

People buy from people
That they know, like and trust
So a bit of business networking
Is a bit of must.

It can be a lonely time
Building business on your own
Why not hook up with 4networkers
And get yourself known.

So pull up at a meeting
Or on the forum day or night
To get in touch with groovy folks
And maybe listen to 4sights
If life is what you make it
You can learn many things
By interacting with great people
Down at 4networking.


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