Ms Moem’s Flagship Couture Poetry

Couture by Ms Moem

Today I’m absolutely delighted, to give you a preview
Of Ms Moem’s flagship offering, that we can create for you.
I will craft you a poem, that’s as personal as your name
And it will come supplied to you, in a stunning couture frame.

The quality of these pieces, simply couldn’t be finer                                                                  As I am delighted to be working with an exlusive designer.
A genuine original is waiting to adorn your walls for you;
You just need to make your payment and provide a detail or two.

Your friends will remark every time they come round
At what fabulous value you got for £99 pounds!*
So let me take your emotions and express all you want to say;
Commission your couture moem, and it will soon be on it’s way!

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    *Just £99 enables you to commission a bespoke poem, which comes supplied to you in a 14″ by 16″ couture vintage frame . There are two other size options. Make your selection from the drop down menu before you click to make your payment.

    Couture by Ms Moem

    Surrender Your Love is © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

    Theo Paphitis Retweets Ms Moem On Small Business Sunday

    Theo Paphitis Retweets Ms Moem

    Theo Paphitis Champions Small Businesses on Small Business Sunday #sbs

    He’s a business phenemenon now promoting small business success

    Via the medium of Twitter, with his hashtag #sbs.

    I sent over my best offering, wondering if he would retweet this

    And lo and behold, Ms Moem was mentioned by the fabulous Theo Paphitis.

    His concept is simple, but for us it’s a treat;

    He’s championing small businesses with a well placed retweet.

    So small business Sunday might become a tradition;

    Add #sbs to your tweets, to participate in Theo’s mission.

    It is less than 10 hours since I released my first book

    And already I can feel an overwhelming wave of good luck!

    Now as you can imagine, I am bouncing with glee

    So on the behalf of all small businesses, I’d like to say thank you Mr P!

    Hot News

    Stop the press! Everyone look!
    Today sees the release of my very first book.Motivational Moems Book
    I’ve chosen today because of the magical date
    And my book has been designed to inspire and motivate.

    It is crammed with 26 must-read poems
    All crafted at the hands, of me, Ms Moem.
    I’d be delighted if you would give it a read;
    I also hope it will motivate you, just when you need!

    Motivational Moems is the book you can’t do without,
    And it will help you to feel inspired, of that I’m in no doubt.
    It is the little book that is big on inspiration
    And if you ask me nicely, I’ll even do you a dedication! 😉
    You can buy your copy of the book of Motivational Moems here, by paying via the Buy Now button below. Your order will be dispatched on or around the 25th of October, but pay today to save 10%.*

    10% off valid until midnight on the 20th of October, 2010. Standard price £10, free postage.

    Personalised Poems, Written by Ms Moem

    You are only 3 steps away from having your very own personalised poem, written by Ms Moem, delivered digitally to you by email and physically sent to you as a unique linen print.

    Step one: Complete this simple form.

      Your Name (required)

      Your Email (required)

      Subject Of Your Poem

      Your Message And Details To Include

      Step 2

      Make your payment. (Please note, no work will begin until I am in receipt of your cleared funds)

      Step 3

      Receive your personalised poem by email within 48 hours. For your print, please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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