Who I’m Watching On Youtube

These are the channels I have been enjoying watching the most over on youtube recently.

From vlog channels, to parodies, drawing tutorials and more thought provoking business type content, there is truly something for everyone.

Shoo Rayner drawing on youtube
Shoo Rayner

michalaks family vlogs on youtube
The Michalaks

Hannah Maggs

Leena Norms

zoella vlogs on youtube

alfie deyes pointlessblog vlogs on youtube
Alfies Deyes

Gary Vaynerchuck gary vee on youtube
Gary Vaynerchuk

Patricia Bright

Britpop Princess Vlogs

Sprinkle Of Chatter

Adrian Bliss

Hazel Hayes

Jack Howard

Cupcake Gemma

Carrie Green

casey neistat on youtube
Casey Neistat

Esmee Denters

Giovanna Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher

Fleur De Force

It’s Judy’s Life

fun for louis youtube channel
Fun For Louis

Jim Chapman

The Vlogbrothers


Doctor Who

The Late Late Show With James Corden

The Saccone Jolys

Colleen Ballinger


evan carmichael on youtube
Evan Carmichael

Niomi Smart

Lily Singh aka Superwoman

anna akan on youtube
Anna Akana

Do check them out!

You can also find me on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/msmoem

Stop Fishing ~ I Am Not Biting!

stop fishing I am not biting ~ quote Ms Moem

I am not normally one to have a rant but………..

Well, it is like this. It’s not a new thing but I have noticed it has become more prevelant of late. In the social world of instagram and twitter, numbers appear to be a game and there are those who play that game by following a person………..until they follow back…….and then they promptly unfollow.

It strikes me as a bizarre way of going about things.

If you want people to respect you and become invested in you or your mission, then why treat them like numbers?

It leaves rather a bad taste in the mouth and while you think your tactics go un-noticed they really don’t.

So I am opting out of that game and no longer auto following back. To me, a single figure followship of interactive and/or interested people has greater appeal than hundreds or even thousands of faceless numbers that I’ve had to ‘play’ into being there.

I would hazard a guess that when you get to the end of the game of life, you won’t be sitting there wishing you’d had more instagram followers ~ so if it is not a dream to die by, why live by it?

So what type of instagram or twitter user are you?

I’m simply girl who wants to share her writing.
If you’re only playing bait, then stop fishing; I’m not biting.
– Ms Moem

I genuinely love connecting with new people and I would like to take the opportunity to thank those of you who do follow and interact with me as it really does mean a lot. It is a privilege that our lives get to intersect in this digital way and I love being inspired by you, each and every day.

To end on a positive, I have made some lovely friends through social media who I’ve known for many years now!

Some of my favourites to follow:

Joyce Connor ~ fun loving, friendly professional make-up artist
Twitter: /bridesandbeauty
Instagram @joyceconnormua

Brad Burton ~ motivational speaker, MD of national networking company, author & powerhouse:
Twitter: /bradburton
Instagram: @bradburton

Pamella Dunn ~ elegant wedding planner and stylist
twitter: /pamelladunn
instagram: @pamelladunn

Alison Tinlin – dedicated wedding blogger with a hint of tartan
twitter: /mrspandp
instagram: @alisontinlin_mrspand

Ellie Sanderson – luxury bridal boutique owner, entrepreneur and fairy dressmother
twitter: /elliesanderson1
instagram: @elliesanderson

Angela – ingenious crafter who knits tiaras, creator of jewellery & lover of nature
twitter: /pearlysmith
instagram: @pearlysmith

And if you would like to connect with me (no pressure), you can find me on instagram: @msmoem

Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon total lunar eclise captured in the Lake District UK with a DSLR #SuperBloodMoon

An absolute privilege to witness the total lunar eclipse in supermoon phase!
These images were captured with my DSLR.

Apparently we won’t see another #SuperBloodMoon until 2033 so I am glad I have these pictures for posterity! Hope you like them!

Super Blood Moon Poem

The earth danced with the sun
in the dead of the night.
Bodies aligned,
the moon blushed with delight.

Short poem by Ms Moem.

Why Youtube?

Why youtube?

The web, visual by design, populated by characters
Whose lives on and offline merged
Alongside a surge of technological advance,
Gives us all the chance
To have a voice. It is your choice
And yours alone, whether you connect via desktop
laptop, tablet or phone, but this platform gives you global reach
To connect, to share, to watch, to teach;
To be part of something, to start something.

Why youtube? Why not?

A short poem about why youtube is the place to be, written by Ms Moem!

I Don’t Want To Live In A Googleverse

There I said it. I don’t want to live in Googleverse. But it feels somewhat inevitable.

Google is a scarily powerful and omnipresent phenomenon. What started out as a handy search tool on this platform we call the internet, is rapidly taking over the world.

Let’s just stop for a second and look at the facts. Let’s be under no illusion. Google aren’t here to help us out of the good of their hearts. Obviously, I hear you cry, they are a business. Well, fair enough. I like business.
What I don’t like are all encompassing juggernauts that are there solely to mine data from us.

Google are clever. Normally, if any business asked you to sign over your soul for access to their platform, you’d say no, and politely walk away. But Google has a way with words that has got us all tripping over ourselves to sign up and tell them everything, without so much as a raised word or a twisted arm.

They’ve even got agents on the ground and out in the field now. (google glass wearers) These are people so willing to give their personal info up and capture other things for Big G to use, they’ll happily pay thousands of pounds for the privilege.

There was something reported about some police forces eventually having google glass to capture evidence etc. So now you have that friendly little search engine linked up to the long arm of the law and everyone’s data, and movements.

Then there are the satellites that Google hire, circling the earth and picking up and tracking a bit more info as they go. I believe there are hopes to actually get their own satellites up there (though I don’t know if I have made that up or not so don’t quote me).

Not forgetting the drones and balloons patrolling the lower areas of the atmosphere.

And the final shazam, a google device in the hands of every person in the connected and modern world. Google collects snippets from your phone, from your tablet, from your pc, from your laptop…..
It knows everything about you from what time you get up, to your mood through the day, your likes and dislikes. Everything. Even the stuff you don’t tell it directly, it can read between the lines!

Perhaps George Orwell was onto something way ahead of his time when he talked about Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Whatever, I don’t particularly want to live in a Googleverse. Do you?

This is post 65 of 100 blogs in 100 days.

100 blogs in 100 days

How Do You Use The Twitter Favourite Button?

How do you use the favourite button on twitter? (Twitter uses the US English ‘favorite’) The obvious answer is to identify the tweet you want to favourite and click the little star of happiness, leaving it yellow and glowing. It seems though, that despite it’s title, it isn’t really a button for designating your favourite tweets. I am sure some people must use it like that.

How to use the twitter favourite button.

The first 5 or 6 times I used it, were for @ mentions to me from celeb type folk.  It might have just been a “Yeah” or “Haha” but getting an at reply from a famous person back in the day was a real squealable moment. Or perhaps that was just me….. moving swiftly on.

I have noticed some people have taken to using it another way. You know, for those times where you want to acknowledge someone has said something to you, but you don’t want to conversate any further. Call it a virtual full stop.

Some people use the favourite button as a like button. So they may appreciate the sentiment of the tweet, but not enough to want to retweet it, so favourite again becomes more of a tweet acknowledgement. Perhaps in the future Twitter will give us a ‘LIKE’ button?

Another way to use the favourite button, is for storing links to articles, products and services that you want to go and have a proper look at later.

How do you use your twitter favourite button?

How do you use your twitter favourite button?

100 blogs in 100 days

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