Birthday Ode To Piers Morgan

Let’s get out the birthday balloons for a celebrity birthday boy;
Having outgrown the UK, he’s now spreading worldwide joy.
Suave and sophisticated, a fine example of great English Men;
Formally a humble journalist, he is now the face of CNN.

Piers Stefan O’Meara was born in March, 1965;
One day to become the Greatest UK entertainment export, alive.
Now known as Piers Morgan, even Simon Cowell is in awe
As super icons queue up for interviews that give a little more.

Oprah, the Queen of televison, had tears sparkling down her cheeks
As with clarity, she opened up to Piers, in the ultimate interview treat.
Piers truly loves that moment, and almost sees it as his goal
After procuring a sensational result, with the tears of Cheryl Cole.

Millions, here and stateside, are now tuned in to his career,
Which has crescendoed astronomically; 2011 is Pier’s year!
Once the editor of British Newspapers, the path to global celebrity beckoned
And rightly so, he now sees himself, as a force with which to be reckoned.

S what comes next for Mr Morgan, as his own inspiring life story plays out?
Already absolutely global, he’ll be going galactic without a doubt.
Now just in case he sees this, I would genuinely like to say
Happy Birthday Piers Morgan, hope you have a brilliant day!

Birthday Ode ToPiers Morgan is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of Ms Moem.

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