Birthday Ode To Lord Sugar

Please put your hands together and get ready to applaud
As we send big birthday wishes to a sweetly-named Lord.
You will never have to ask us if we love you anymore
Because the nation loves you, even now you’re 64.

A profitable career and mighty empire have been scaled;
You’re like a locomotion that can never be de-railed.
You gave us the Amstrad emailer, you were way ahead of time
And you brought us The Apprentice; an absolute favourite show of mine.

Born in London’s Hackney, it was your original stomping ground;
Now a multi-millionaire, you have property all around.
You’re a genuine inspiration to entrepreneurs worldwide;
Your knowledge and business acumen could never be denied.

Not only a brilliant business mind, but a genuine family man;
For 43 years this year, you’ve been married to your dear wife, Ann.
The youngest of four children, you then had three of your own
And alongside your business empire, your family was happily grown.

So happy birthday to you on this glorious sunny day
I hope that you enjoy it, and have great fun in every way.
Perhaps you’ll take a micro flight aboard your private jet;
Just promise us that you will make it your best 64th birthday yet! 🙂

Birthday Ode To Lord Sugar is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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