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Hello! And thanks for bobbing in! You’ve clicked on this page, presumably because you want to know a bit about me!

So here’s a bit about me!

My name is Ms Moem and I am a poet and literal artist; I create images and emotions with words. And the best bit, and what sets me apart from the rest, is that I don’t just write poems, lyrics and rhymes for my own enjoyment, using my own concepts and my own words.

I use YOUR words, YOUR concepts and YOUR feelings. Yours!

And why do I do that? Because YOU ask me to! I have written thousands of poems and lyrical verses for my satisfied clients over the last three years; from global brands, premiership footballers, to soap stars, TV personalities, Heads of Police Forces, musicians, Professors, producers, businesses, actresses, teachers, mums, nurses, CEO’s, charitable foundations, magazines, life coaches, online groups and many many more.

Theo Paphitis And Ms Moem

I am PASSIONATE about turning your words and emotions into something beautifully poetic.

I am COMMITTED to helping YOU say what you want to say!

What do you ask me to write?

Allsorts. Really, I don’t think that there is a poem I haven’t been asked to write yet, however if you do surprise me with your request, I will tell you! 🙂 Challenge me!

The most surprising so far, was a client who wanted a poem, secretly including their partner’s name, which was to be tattooed on! So out there somewhere, my words are walking around. Cool eh!

The most romantic has to be a proposal I wrote for a Christmas Day engagement. And yes, she said yes!

The cutest, was a poem from a baby in utero, telling an aunty to be that they were on the on the way!

So why am I writing here? Well, I feel so privileged to write each poem that is requested, because in essence, it is a window, or a snapshot into someone’s life or business. You share so many things with me,  confidence guaranteed, so I wanted to give a little back and share with you!

And what will I be writing about? Well I like poems. I like music. I like taking photos. I like interesting things. I like posh dresses and make up. I like music videos and I like people. I’ll be posting about that sort of stuff, and most probably rhyming a fair bit too! Hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride!

So that is me in a nutshell.

I’m always happy to hear from you so drop me a line!
And you know where to come if you need a poem or rhyme!

Love and sparkles,

Ms Moem x

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  1. absolutely fantastic creator of words Ms MOEM tailored a poem within minutes of speaking to me and if ever there was a special message to need to give to a friend, lover, lost one or for yourself, highly highly recommended!!!!!

  2. I can highly recommend Ms Moem – she has created many poems for my clients, celebrities & friends…no-one can turn your words into a poem like she can. An absolute star and a lovely lady too


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