Oriental Cooking – Inspired By The Dumpling Sisters

This video from the Dumpling Sisters popped up in my youtube feed and I just had to try it out.

This is my take on the Ants Climbing Up A Tree recipe. I couldn’t find the exact ingredients in my local supermarkets and I don’t think we have an Asian supermarket locally, so it’s not quite as it should be, but it was still super tasty.

I used a spoon and a half of lazy ginger, a spoon of lazy garlic, hoisin sauce, some spring onions and fried it all up with some pork mince, then added some vegetable stock.

When I added the noodles (which I soaked as per the video), I added some light soy and a splash of dark soy.

Then I served it with some raw spring onions and prawn crackers.

Inspired by the dumpling sisters ants climbing up a tree - noodles with pork, hoisin sauce and spring onions

I will definitely be making this again as it was a hit with me and my children. I imagine that if you found the exact ingredients, it might be a bit spicier, but even without that kick, it was very flavourful and SO good.

Alongside other dishes, I’d love to learn how to make spring rolls, so I hope something like that pops up in my feed!

I recommend that you head over to the Dumpling Sisters youtube channel if you want to experiment with some oriental cooking.

Do go check them out!

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