Letter To Father Christmas ~ A Poem

Santa. Santa. Grant me a wish.
I hope you read my Christmas list.
I just want to give you a spot of advice.
Don’t listen to my parents.

Now I know they mean well.
I know that they care.
But quite frankly, these incidents;
you had to be there.

Let’s take, for example,
The event in the hall.
I was painting a mural
To be enjoyed by us all.
And yes I know I’ve been told
not to draw on the wall…..
I’m also sorry about the window.
I was playing football.

And that ornament got smashed all by itself.
I swear I never went near that dusty old shelf.
I know not to play with my frisbee indoors
I wasn’t even there when my parents found the pieces on the floor.

And mum’s brilliant white rug
(It wasn’t me ~ I never would)
But some silly sausage walked on it
With their boots covered in mud.

And then the icing on the cake
I threw Dad’s car keys away.
I was only playing a game.
It’s really been a terrible day.


That’s all I have to say
And you’re busy I believe.
24 hours to go now!
Have a lovely Christmas Eve!

Letter To Santa Claus (Father Christmas) is a short Christmas flavoured poem written by Ms Moem.

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Ms Moem

Ms Moem is an English poet. Since 2007, she has taken thousands of commissions for personalised poetry. Bespoke poems make the best personalised gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more! Commmission your personalised poem today! iwantapoem.com

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