Teachers Strike

So, some teachers are on strike today. With hours soaring, and conditions and morale deteriorating, they are hoping that this will make the powers that be (Gove) listen to them. Whilst it might serve as an annoyance to many parents up and down the land who are faced with having to find alternative childcare possibly, I believe that teachers are right to take action if they are not happy with their working conditions.

Teachers aren’t thanked nearly often enough for the vital role they play in building generation upon generation of hardworking and bright individuals, capable of great things.

This is a poem I have a written in support of teachers today, and every day.

Teachers are priceless! They give us all a solid foundation

And I don’t think we give enough credit to the cornerstones of our education

It’s not the cushy nine to three that most people believe
They’re in school at the crack of dawn, and it’s often dark when they leave.
There’s endless piles of marking that goes on into the night
And countless parent evenings, telling parents “Your kid’s doing alright!”
Then there’s planning and preparation and additional training days
Leaving them working more and more hours, for less and less pay.
But it’s okay, the people say, because they get a six week holiday.

Teachers enter the profession with a hope to help our youth
But they’re faced with legislation, and a bitter, disenfrachised truth.
There’s red tape and inspection, politics and fear;
In fact many fresh new teachers leave within the first five years.
These were people who trained long and hard for this valuable career
People whose intelligence and enthusiasm were clear
Left tired and demotivated and sometimes moved to tears.

So to the powers that be, I implore you, I beseech
We owe so much to our teachers, so listen to them & let them teach.

Teachers is a poem written by Ms Moem.

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