100 Writing Prompts

If ever there is a time when your creativity seems to be in a trough, why not look towards a writing prompt to give you a bit of inspiration and get you into flow. Here are 100 writing prompts for all types of writing, whether you are writing a novel, a short story, a sketch, a script or poetry. You can use each of them as a starting point and see where your writing takes you! It could be a trigger to a memory of your own, or you could delve straight into the world of fiction. Whatever you do, try and relax and enjoy it! Happy writing!

1. A current news story 100 writing prompts for your inspiration
2. A stranger
3. A family member
4. A pet
5. A garden
6. A building
7. A pop star
8. A neighbour
9. A job
10. A secret
11. A dream
12. A phone-call
13. A letter
14. A closed door
15. A mystery
16. A holiday
17. A craft
18. A superstition
19. A fairytale
20. A flight
21. At the bus stop
22. Roll the dice
23. A song
24. A photograph
25. A quote
26. An ambition
27. A race
28. An ex friend
29. A crush
30. A wedding
31. A new baby
32. A new outfit
33. A journey
34. Motivation
35. A lesson
36. School
37. University
38. First date
39. Best friends
40. A break-up
41. A video
42. An album
43. A suitcase
43. An embarrassing tale
44. A proud moment
45. A surprise
46. Christmas
47. A boat trip
48. A locked drawer
49. A lost key
50. A work ‘do’
51. A reunion
52. A new job
53. A street
54. A landmark
55. A badge
56. A pair of shoes
57. A fictional character
58. A reflection
59. A cup of tea
60. A collection
61. A hard decision
62. A light
63. A box
64. The weather
65. A hill
66. Flowers
67. At the beach
68. A day out
69. 4 generations
70. Emotions
71. A promise
72. A speech
73. A conversation
74. A toy
75. A smell
76. A wrong number
77. A meal
78. A nickname
79. A window
80. Yesterday
81. A town
82. The theatre
83. A precious gem
84. A kiss
85. An unexpected event
86. A treat
87. An offer
88. A hug
89. A sensitive subject
90. Sunrise
91. A view
92. One moment in time
93. Your super power
94. A game
95. A competition
96. A new world
97. A sound
98. A battle
99. A look
100. A time

I hope these writing prompts give you a little food for thought for your poems, short stories and novels. Do let me know!

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