What’s So Good About Twitter

why tweet - why I love twitterPeople ask me why I like twitter
And I enthuse with great delight;
I have made some fabulous friends
Who entertain me day and night.

I’ve been tweeting since 2009 now
And it’s become a daily tradition.
I hear about news just as it’s breaking
And I have also won some competitions.

I started out purely for business
And it was predominantly B2B.
But now it is loved by the masses
The community is wonderful to see.

It is also thanks to twitter
That I’ve shared my work with pride
And also secured two contracts
With companies who are known world wide.

I got a tweet from a genuine Olympian
On the day that he competed
And not only did he interact
But I found myself retweeted!

I’ve shared events with my buddies
Whilst I have been sitting at home.
Which makes you feel more connected
That if you had been watching alone.

Twitter is an excellent medium
If it is one you choose to use.
Because of it, my name was mentioned
With a comment, on Sunrise, Sky News.

I’ve also met some major business folk
Who’ve supported and advised.
In fact there are many twitter fans
Who are ridiculously talented and wise.

I found myself a mentor
And tweeted my favourite stars
Some of them actually tweeted back;
That’s how lovely my faves are!

I’ve had mentions from absolute legends
Who I’ve watched for years on TV
And it may not seem like a big deal
But it really means the world to me.

But above all, I love Twitter
For the people who tweet me everyday.
People come into your life for a reason,
And I hope they always will stay!

What’s So Good About Twitter is a poem © Ms Moem

So this is a little poem about why I am so keen on tweeting. I’d love to hear your experiences! If you would like to share what makes twitter so good for you, please either leave a comment, or you can copy and paste the blog prompt image and write your own post. All I ask if you do that, is to link your post to me so I can read it!

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