Prince Harry Naked Pictures

Prince Harry Naked Pictures PoemPrince Harry naked pictures is a popular internet trend
As images have emerged, that should’ve been kept between friends.
But some unscrupulous person, saw fit to break his trust
And put the crown jewels on display, to be gawped at by all of us.

I frankly don’t see the issue, and our young fun-loving Prince
Should be able to let his hair down, without it then going to print.
He’ll never be our Sovereign, so why shouldn’t he have a ball
Without the papers wringing their hands and over-dramatising it all!

He wasn’t hurting anybody. He was on holiday, with his chums
And next he’s all over the internet, showing a little princely bum.
It’s the kind of funny story, his grandchildren will be told
And right now, I think it makes Harry, a piece of Royal gold!

So yes, Prince Harry got naked and he probably had a blast
But let’s not talk of disrepute, as this will become history fast.
He has a long life ahead of him; of duty, and Royal display
But for now he’s just a young man, and he will party another day!

Prince Harry Naked Pictures is a poem © Ms Moem

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