Tribute To Our Fallen Soldiers

A boy is born with passion and he wears it with a grin;
Forever his Mummy’s baby, his battle is always fought to win.
And yet, despite much courage, and unfaltering country pride,
He became a fallen soldier; joining the ranks of those who’ve died.

He stood up for our nation, where others fear to tread;
Entering into battle, where others are paralysed with dread.
He marched perpetually forward, with determination clear;
Master of his own destiny, yet sadly no longer here.

Comraderie and friendship were forged deep in the field
Whilst pure unrivalled terror was faced-up-to, as revealed.
Families at home receive the news in briefest form
And so we mourn our soldiers, who are not created, but born.

So to our fallen soldiers, thanks for everything you did;
You saw more in your lifetime, where others may have run and hid
Forever you’ll be remembered by your action and care for others
And now silently you watch us all, with dedication for your brothers.

Dedicated to the family of Cyrus (Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 07/11/11)

in meory of our fallen soldiers

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