No More Knife Crime – A Poem

This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by the tragic story of Ben Kinsella. His sister Brooke has today made progress with her campaign to reduce youth and knife crime.

No More Knife Crime – A Poem

Solid life was shattered
With the twist of a manic blade.
The debt that was created
Could never be repaid.

Extinguished, like a sooty fire
This life stopped in its tracks.
How cowardly could one man be
To stab him in the back.

Frantically repeated,
11 times or more.
This poor soul had done nothing
And now exists no more.

If only he had stayed away
Or been at home that night
Then he woud still be here today;
Not sacrificed for a fight.

The void is like a chasm
With depths unlike any other.
The world is missing a young man
And a girl has lost her brother.

But this fight isn’t over.
The war goes on and on.
Society is twisted
And everything is wrong.

We should all live together
Without the fear of crime.
I hope that it might happen
Within my own lifetime.

If not, then for my children
Let knife crime fail and cease.
Only then will the fight be over
And society shall feel the release.

Free to let our children
Explore this playgroud we’ve created;
Knowing nothing but love and peace.
A victory to be celebrated!

No More Knife Crime is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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