Strangers. Friends. Hello. Simple.

Strangers. Friends. Hello. Simple. Poem by Ms Moem. @msmoem

Strangers. Friends. Hello. Simple.

to see strangers
a trip to the park ends with a
It begins with a coy hello
and before you know it
you are running around together
enjoying the simple pleasures
of slides and swings.
Uninhibited laughter rings free.
If only we never lost those values
how sweet life would be.

Strangers. Friends. Hello. Simple. is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem about what we can learn from the way children see the world. The difference between a stranger and a friend is whether or not you have said hello.

Vinyl – Poem

Vinyl - funny poem by ms moem

A wife returned one day from work
and found her husband raving.
The music boomed, he’d filled the room
and all were misbehaving.

With party debris everywhere,
She paused to take it in.
Though speechless, she released the beast;
the banshee from within.

“How could you do this to our home?
The floor is drenched with drink.
I heard your music down the road.
What must the neighbours think?”

The strangers in the living room
danced on, all unaware.
The wife was mad, that much was clear.
The husband didn’t care.

The music stopped, the wife collapsed;
She sobbed with heavy tears.
He gestured to the stereo and said
“Change the record dear!”

Vinyl is a poem written by Ms Moem

Be – Poem

Be brilliant. Be funny.
Be adventurous. Be exciting.
Be confident. Be inquisitive.
Be warm. Be inviting.
Be happy. Be grateful.
Be willing. Be brave.
Be bold. Be inspiring.
Be remarkable, but behave.
Be nice and be giving.
Be sensitive. Be caring.
Be proud and be honourable.
Be open. Be sharing.
Be smart and be curious.
Be trustworthy. Be cool.
Be wise, be ambitious
And be nobody’s fool.
Be calm, be determined
Be eloquent. Be measured.
Be knowledgeable. Be humble.
Be gracious. Be pleasured.
Be marvellous. Be accepting.
Be empathetic. Be true.
Be thoughtful. Be faithful.
Be awesome. Be you.

Be is a poem written by Ms Moem.

be you - poem quote Ms Moem