Note To Autumn | Poem

Hello Autumn. You’ve chilled the air,
Slowed the grass, stripped trees bare,
Crisped their leaves, skeletons exposed
And let Jack Frost come bite our toes.
First frost, first snow, hard rain, yet sun!
Experience weather, every one.
Your flame gives way to Winter’s grey;
Thank you Autumn for your display.

Note To Autumn is a rhyming poem about Autumn by Ms Moem.

Hard To Love

Hard To Love ~ a poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Hard To Love

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
I realise. I’m aware.
Its silver lining shows me
Who’s real; who really cares.

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
It’s quite a cross to bear.
But happily I find comfort
In those who are always there.

Hard To Love is a short poem by Ms Moem. ©

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