X Factor Live Results Show Week 5

X Factor Sunday, the live results show
Tonight who’ll be saved, and who’ll have to go?
They’re preceeded by a host of well known male guests
From Take That, to Westlife, and of course, JLS.

In no particular order, the first act through is Cher
Followed up by Matt, and Rebecca of the glamourously styled hair.
One Direction are safe, much to Simon Cowell’s delight
Then Wagner made it through; oh my word, can this be right.

Mary hugged Louis as she was eventually saved
With the final act safe, declared to be Paije.
So Katie and Aiden must now perform once more;
Which one will conquer and who’ll be shown the door?

There’s been scandal in the paper and news of a fix;
Is the X Factor based on talent or a series of tricks?
Katie was declared as more interesting last week
So Aiden has his work cut out, as he’s not quite as unique.

Everything now rests on the judges decisions
And perhaps, more importantly, Simon Cowell’s visions.
We go to him first and he says he likes them both
But soon he decides that he likes Katie the most.

Over to Cheryl, which gives Aiden two votes to go
And Danni said that she’d like to keep him in the show.
Louis voted to send home Katie, so deadlock it has to be
And that’s the end of Aiden Grimshaw on our weekend TV!

Remembrance Sunday Poem

Remember remember, on this day in November
The people who sacrificed their lives.
Dedication unsurpassed, they fought until the last
So that their children, and our nation could survive.

Remember remember, on this day in November
Our minds cast back to the battles that were fought.
Our soldiers were brave, as their mortality they gave
So that we could reap the freedom that they bought.

Remember remember, on this day in November
The sea of poppies that is eternally red.
Waving in the breeze, symbolising endless legacies
Standing proudly in the memory of the dead.

Remembrance Sunday Poem is © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

Remembrance Sunday Poem On Youtube

Above all, this Remembrance Sunday poem is written in loving memory of those who fought for us.

Remembrance Sunday Poem by Ms Moem

X Factor Live Show Week 5 Phone Numbers For Voting

Paije Richardson 0901 61 61 101
Aiden Grimshaw 0901 61 61 102
Mary Byrne 0901 61 61 103
Katie Waissel 0901 61 61 104
Matt Cardle 0901 61 61 105
Cher Lloyd 0901 61 61 106
Wagner 0901 61 61 107
One Direction 0901 61 61 108
Rebecca Ferguson 0901 61 61 108

X Factor Live Results Show 07/11/10

It’s the X Factor Live Results show; it’s terribly en vogue.
Tonight with performances from Shayne Ward and Kylie Minogue.
There’s a mass of pyrotechnics and the excitement is filling the air
As Shayne sang his new single, sparks flew from his derriere!

Kylie is a legend, and commanded the stage with ease
Looking simply sensational; I’m sure everyone agrees.
It’s great that her and Danni can share this experience together
Proving a sister is not just for the X Factor; a sister is forever.

So back to the matter in hand, and with anticaption growing
Dermot will fill us in, on who’s staying and who’s going.
Don’t forget that Simon has been left with only one selection
So will he be with us next week with his boy band, One Direction?

Aiden and Rebecca are the first to go safely through
Followed by Matt Cardle, and Simon smiles as One Direction are too.
Paije jumped up and down and shared a hug with Dannii right there
Before the next act through was announced, to be Cheryl Cole’s act, Cher.

Wagner somehow made it through at which Cheryl looked rather sad
Then Tesco’s Mary was also saved, looking relieved and glad.
Katie and Treyc both will sing, to see who comes back next week;
So one of Cheryl’s acts will go – which one will suffer defeat?

An impassioned Katie sat on the stage,and said “sod it” with her plea
Singing to the masses, “Please, please don’t give up on me!”
Treyc sang Unbreak My Heart from Toni Braxton, with tears in her eyes;
Which act has sung her final note and is headed to X Factor demise?

Simon said that Treyc was clearly the better singer
But Katie is more interesting; so Katie was his winner.
Next we hear from Cheryl, but she refused to give her vote
So next we head to Danni, and she went for Katie’s throat.

Louis said he liked both of them, but voted Treyc to go
And because Cheryl hadn’t voted, this is the end of Treyc on the show.
Katie will get to sing again, because Cheryl passed the buck
So commiserations now to Treyc, that was incredible bad luck!

X Factor Live Results Show 07/11/10 is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

BBC Strike

It’s bonfire night and we have a BBC Strike;
Members of the NUJ, began their walk-out at midnight.
We are set to see disruption, even to their flagship shows
They say they have a contingency, so let’s see how it goes.

There were tensions over pensions, when this row first began
And now picket lines are being formed at sites across the land.
With some high profile players, including presenter Fiona Bruce
We wonder when the two sides will find a mutually beneficial truce.

BBC Strike is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

X Factor Live Results Show Week 4 31/10/10

The X Factor results show, kicked off with the group song
This time led by Bon Jovi, with contestants singing along.
They were living on a prayer, waiting for time to pass by
Before the next act took the stage, in the guise of Jamiroquai.

Tonight, the lovely Rhianna, is the star headline act;
This girl has real talent and that is a fact!
The phone lines are closed, and no more votes can be cast;
Which X Factor performer is about to sing their last?

After the obligatory ad breaks, those safe move to one side
With only those with the lowest votes, left with nowhere to hide.
Paije, Cher, Aiden and Wagner are the first to survive
With One Direction proving their lucky number truly is five.

The sixth act safe was Matt, followed by Rebecca
And Tesco’s Mary shimmied towards her own X Factor Mecca.
Treyc Cohen was the last, to be put safely through
So that leaves Belle Amie and Katie as this week’s bottom 2.

Simon Cowell told Katie, she sung better than on the main show
But as Belle Amie are his girls, then he voted Katie to go.
Cheryl is sending home Belle Amie, just to keep it fair
And Dannii chose to save Katie; so far no surprises there.

Cheeky Louis had the last vote, and so deadlock is had to be
And in the end, the act to go, was the quartet Belle Amie.
To be fair the last performance hadn’t been overly great
So now they’re out of the running, here’s to next week; I cannot wait!

X Factor Live Results Show Week 4 is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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