X Factor Live Results Show Week 6

X Factor Live Results Show Week 6

Katie Waissel, One Direction and Rebecca Ferguson are declared safe
Matt Cardle, Mary and Wagner are all also guaranteed a place.
This leaves Paije and Cher Lloyd, to face the bottom two this week;
Will one of these two favourites will be the one the judges keep?

Simon Cowell and Cheryl both voted to send home Paije
But Dannii Minogue, as his mentor, voted to keep him on the stage.
Louis Walsh could have skipped the decision and sent it to deadlock
But instead chose to send Paije home, and his little face dropped in shock.

X Factor Live Results Show Week 6 is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

X Factor Live Show Week 6

X Factor Live Show Week 6

It’s Saturday Night, and our regular X Factor treat;
The theme for the contestants is ‘The Beatles’ this week.
Matt Cardle kicked us off, what a fab way to begin
Followed by Cher Lloyd and her rendition of Imagine.

Simon Cowell was not impressed that she’d sang sitting on some stairs
But with Cheryl Cole as her mentor, that didn’t seem to faze Cher.
Simon then introduced to us, his one remaining selection
And ‘All We Need Is Love’ was blasted out by One Direction.

Louis was heard above the crowd, to say they’d raised their game
But Danni was a little less complimentary, defeaned by fans screaming their name.
Even the boys themselves, were struggling to hear the comments that they had
So Dermot read out their number, and we broke for another ad.

Rebecca Ferguson gave us ‘Yesterday’ when it came to her turn
And she was followed by ‘Something’ from the Irish diva, Mary Byrne.
It is a night for big songs, I am sure you’ll agree
And Paije Richardson owned the stage as he gave us ‘Let It Be’.

Wagner was up next to grace the X Factor live show stage
But when it came to his comments, he provoked a bit of Cheryl rage.
He’d been quoted in the papers, talking of her past, as he confessed
But the story had been slightly twisted; he said ‘Don’t believe what you read in the press!’

The final act this Saturday night, gave us ‘Help’ as her prayer
And she’s also undgone a radical change, removing and colouring her hair.
Pixie like, Katie Waissel’s arragement was powerful to say the least
But will it be enough to see her through safely until next week.

X Factor Live Show Week 6 is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

Phone Numbers To Vote For X Factor Live Show Week 6

Matt Cardle 0901 61 61 101
Cher Lloyd 0901 61 61 102
One Direction 0901 61 61 103
Rebecca Ferguson 0901 61 61 104
Mary Byrne 0901 61 61 105
Paije Richardson 0901 61 61 106
Wagner 0901 61 61 107
Katie Waissel 0901 61 61 108

Chandlers Freed, Good News Indeed

This morning on Sunrise there was good news indeed
As the Chandlers, taken by pirates, were finally freed.
A ransom had been paid so that they could walk free
After 388 days, held hostage in captivity.

They looked in good spirits as the VT was rolled;
Happy to have liberty, their tale waiting to be told.
It is said that they will be leaving Nairobi later today
So may I wish them a safe journey, as they return to the UK.

Chandlers Freed, Good News Indeed is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

X Factor Live Results Show Week 5

X Factor Sunday, the live results show
Tonight who’ll be saved, and who’ll have to go?
They’re preceeded by a host of well known male guests
From Take That, to Westlife, and of course, JLS.

In no particular order, the first act through is Cher
Followed up by Matt, and Rebecca of the glamourously styled hair.
One Direction are safe, much to Simon Cowell’s delight
Then Wagner made it through; oh my word, can this be right.

Mary hugged Louis as she was eventually saved
With the final act safe, declared to be Paije.
So Katie and Aiden must now perform once more;
Which one will conquer and who’ll be shown the door?

There’s been scandal in the paper and news of a fix;
Is the X Factor based on talent or a series of tricks?
Katie was declared as more interesting last week
So Aiden has his work cut out, as he’s not quite as unique.

Everything now rests on the judges decisions
And perhaps, more importantly, Simon Cowell’s visions.
We go to him first and he says he likes them both
But soon he decides that he likes Katie the most.

Over to Cheryl, which gives Aiden two votes to go
And Danni said that she’d like to keep him in the show.
Louis voted to send home Katie, so deadlock it has to be
And that’s the end of Aiden Grimshaw on our weekend TV!

Remembrance Sunday Poem

Remember remember, on this day in November
The people who sacrificed their lives.
Dedication unsurpassed, they fought until the last
So that their children, and our nation could survive.

Remember remember, on this day in November
Our minds cast back to the battles that were fought.
Our soldiers were brave, as their mortality they gave
So that we could reap the freedom that they bought.

Remember remember, on this day in November
The sea of poppies that is eternally red.
Waving in the breeze, symbolising endless legacies
Standing proudly in the memory of the dead.

Remembrance Sunday Poem is © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

Remembrance Sunday Poem On Youtube

Above all, this Remembrance Sunday poem is written in loving memory of those who fought for us.

Remembrance Sunday Poem by Ms Moem