Happy Birthday To The Queen

Bring out the birthday bunting
And raise the flag, do.
Today’s birthday girl
Has not one birthday, but two!

In just 8 days time
Her grandson William, will marry.
Perhaps her birthday wish
Is a fiancee for Harry?

Ours is a great Royal Family
With a rich and varied story
And their matriarch should be celebrated
In all her Majestic glory!

85 years young
And how much she has seen!
Warmest Wishes to Her Majesty;
Happy Birthday To The Queen!

Happy Birthday To The Queen is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not reproduced anywhere without credit to Ms Moem and a link to www.msmoem.com.

The London Marathon 2011

The 29th of March 1981, saw the very first time
That the famous London Marathon opened it’s starting & finishing lines.
John Disley and Chris Brasher pioneered this tradition;
After seeing the New Year marathon, they created their own vision.

2011 promises the best London Marathon yet;
It’s come a long way since the first sponsorship from Gilette.
Since then Mars, Nutrasweet and Flora and also ADT
Have sponsored the event, which Virgin now has in exclusivity.

Lines of spectators engulf London’s city streets
As thousands of competitors all gather to compete.
Running side by side, many nations are united;
Comradie evident, and every person excited.

Almost 747,000 have crossed the finishing line to-date
Each awarded a medal; a real achievement to celebrate.
Runners will cross the line to abundant rapturous cheers
As the great British London Marathon celebrates 30 fabulous years.

The London Marathon 2011 is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not reproduced anywhere without credit to Ms Moem and a link to www.msmoem.com.

How To Make Someone’s Day

The essence of how to make someone’s day
Is to carefully craft the words that you say.
Make them feel special – tell them how you feel,
To guarantee a smile that is beaming and real.

It is taken for granted that you could tell them tomorrow;
But what if you couldn’t? Could you bear the sorrow?
Who do you know, who’d appreciate your kind words?
Commission your poem today, and make your feelings heard!

How To Make Someone’s Day is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of Ms Moem.

Congratulations Holly Willoughby On The Birth of Your Daughter, Baby Belle Baldwin!

Holly Willoughy Gives Birth To A Daughter, Belle Baldwin

Congratulations Holly Willoughby On The Birth of Baby Belle Baldwin!

So much joy in the world when a new baby comes;
Precious and tiny, a treasure for her Mum.
No doubt today sees you truly smiley and jolly
As a daughter arrives for Dan and for Holly.

Tears of happiness in your eyes swell
As you take your first peek at the adorable Belle.
This little lady symbolises the future for you;
Arriving on the 14th of April, weighing 5lb 2.

A beautiful spring evening, feeling great to be alive
Nursing your precious daughter who was born at 10 past 5.
And here’s to the moment, that will touch you like no other
The moment baby Belle meets her handsome big brother.

So here’s to the family, which now numbers 4;
A wonderful little unit, to cherish and adore.
She didn’t keep you waiting, clearly keen to arrive soon;
Congratulations Holly Willoughby, and enjoy your babymoon.

Ms Moem Meets Theo Paphitis Part 2

So I travelled down to Manchester and met the fabulous Mr P
And d’you know I was ecstatic, thought I was as happy as can be…
But it kept on on getting better, and the day had me enraptured
When Mr P then tweeted the world, images he’d had captured!

Theo Paphitis Tweets Picture Of His Reaction Meeting Ms Moem

He asks “Who recognises this twitter regular?” – Oh my word, I know!
Theo Paphitis’ reaction face, delighted me more than he’ll ever know
And then, whilst I was beaming, thinking this has to be the best day EVER
Mr P tweeted and iced the cake, with a fabulous picture of us together!

Theo Paphitis Tweets Pic Of Ms Moem

Captured by his personal photographer, I truly nearly dropped to the floor;
It had made my day just to meet him, but tweeting pictures added a whole lot more.
The magnitude of this gesture, is mind blowing, pure and true
So thanks a million Mr; fab pic of your mini moem & you!

When Theo Paphitis Met Ms Moem

boux avenue purchases

So I simply must tell you about what a fab day it was for me;
Today I went to Boux Avenue and met up with Mr P!!!
What an absolute honour, and a pleasure and delight
And I am sure I will be squealing for the rest of the night!

when theo paphitis met ms moem

Here’s the fabulous reaction captured at that very second;
I’d already browsed the store before the perfect opportunity beckoned.
I introduced myself to him, and he said “Is that you?” no less!!
And he even thought to mention, I was one of his first winning #SBS.

Theo Paphitis And Ms Moem

The epitome of a gentleman, he was charming and debonair
And having witnessed Boux Avenue’s birth, it was quite magical to be there.
It was actually rather surreal, but it fulfilled one of my wishes
And I’ll never wash my cheeks again, from all of Theo’s kisses! 🙂

ms moem buys from boux avenue

The store is simply luscious, and the staff are top of the league;
It all seemed to go like clock-work, and it’s so pretty, you wouldn’t believe.
I made my first Boux Avenue purchase and recommend that you do the same;
Everyone needs a little Boux in their life, the new buzz word in the lingerie game.

theo paphitis boux avenue

The changing rooms are luxurious, and the lingerie is divine,
So, beside meeting Mr Paphitis, I had great retail-therapy time.
There’s something in there for everyone, and if you can’t get to a store
You can also shop via the website; well, what more could you wish for!

boux avenue store trafford centre

So thank you Mr Paphitis, it was a pleasure to be part of today;
I had my own ideas of what you’d be like, but you exceeded them in every way.
I’m actually still so excited, that I’m going to have to come to the end of this poem
But I never will forget the moment that Theo Paphitis first met Ms Moem!

ms moem meets theo paphitis

Theo Paphitis is seen here holding his very own mini moem, commission yours today!

Harnessing The Power Of Twitter For Japan

Harnessing the power of Twitter, we can show support in real time;
This has been superbly demonstrated by a chap known as @etcetconline.
Whilst the news of Japan’s Tsunami washed around the world seconds,
For this chap and a friend or two, ideas quickly beckoned.

Thousands of pounds of donations came swiftly from the off;
Followed by an ingenious idea, to create a business box.
Entrepreneurial leaders donated services to go within
Now it is crammed with bountiful goodness, for one business start-up to win.

T-Shirts have also been printed, with the heart of Japan boldly showing
And I’m proud to say that their backs are adorned with my supporting poem.
These are available to purchase, so please do buy one if you can
And show your support etc, as we harness the power of Twitter for Japan.

Harnessing The Power Of Twitter For Japan is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may only be reproduced with credit to Ms Moem and a link to msmoem.com.

If you need a poem for any cause, Ms Moem would be delighted to write for you. Commission your poem today.

Start Up Britain

Start Up Britain is making waves for all the wrong reasons;
This is not a new issue, but it appears on trend this season.
Silently, for many years there have been dedicated teams
Providing support to people persuing their own business dreams.

Imagine all of Britain’s entrepreneurs stood in one place;
Metaphorically speaking, we could call it the coal face.
We are the people who’ll restore the UK’s heart;
Ready to collaborate, with everyone playing a part.

If you’re a business start-up, looking to be refined
There’s plenty of knowledge out there, within the collaborative mind.
Consider business networking, a mentor, or a silent partner,
And instead of working harder, we should all be working Smarta!

So yes, if you’re a start-up, then stand up and be counted;
The sum of our individual parts could never be surmounted.
Take the sentiment of Start Up Britain, and add your own unique flair,
As enterprise is essential is help our country’s economy repair.

Start Up Britain is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of Ms Moem.

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