Remember | Wedding Poem



Remember when your separate lives were all there was to know,
Before the spark, the first connect, the love that came to grow.
Remember how you met and how it changed it your lives forever
As from then on, your lives entwined and you did things together.
Remember what you did back then and how it made you feel;
A sneaky touch, the cheeky looks, the pure raw sex appeal.
Remember who was first to move and how they made it clear
Nothing to prove, when all was new, the path that led you here.
Remember where it started and look how far you’ve come.
Remember all the words you said and all that you have done.
Remember where you’re going and how it came to start
And remember that you choose the ones who occupy your heart.

Remember is a wedding poem written by English Poet Ms Moem.

If you use this wedding poem on your special day, please do let me know. I love to know where my poems get to when I am not looking.

Hold My Hand, My Baby

hold my hand my baby, poem written by english poet Ms Moem

Hold My Hand My Baby

Hold my hand, my baby,
Let me show you the way,
To live and to love,
To work and to play,
To dream and imagine,
To chill and to grow;
I’ll be with you, my baby,
No matter where you go.
Hold my hand, my baby
And let us go explore.
Let us read epic stories
And then live a few more.
Let us spend time with family
As well as with each other.
I couldn’t be more proud
To say that I am your mother.
So hold my hand, my baby.
And thanks for making me your mum.
You are my universe;
My earth, moon and sun.

© Hold My Hand My Baby is a short poem about being a mum, by English Poet, Ms Moem.

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How Did I Get Here | Poem

how did i get here poem by ms moem

How Did I Get Here

You’re going through the motions,
The days pass in a blur.
Not sure you’re making progress
Though you’re not who you once were.
You then drift a little further
And the days turn into years
And slowly, you’re left wondering
How on earth did I get here?

How Did I Get Here is a short thoughtful poem by English poet, Ms Moem. ©

Sisters Poem

sisters poem by ms moem

Sisters are special.
Sisters are friends.
We look out for one another &
This friendship can never end.
There’s no-one like a sister;
believe me, it is true.
No, there’s no-one like a sister
And the very best, is you.

© Sisters is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem.

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Wedding Poem | Isn’t It Funny

wedding poem - isn't it funny by English poet Ms Moem - all rights reserved.

Isn’t It Funny – A Wedding Poem

Isn’t it funny,
Isn’t it strange,
When I met you
Then everything changed.

Isn’t it lovely;
Since this all began
I’ve been your lady
And you’ve been my man.

Isn’t it wonderful,
Honest and pure,
I searched for so long;
I need search no more.

Isn’t it thrilling,
Isn’t it sweet.
We met one another
And now we’re complete.

Isn’t it funny.
Isn’t it strange.
As soon as we met
Then everything changed.

Isn’t It Funny is a short wedding poem by English poet, Ms Moem. © All Rights Reserved.

You are free to use this wedding poem as a wedding reading, however if you would like to purchase a copy to run past your registrar or to give to the person who will be doing the reading, you can find a printable copy here:

Thank you for choosing my poetry! It means the world to me!

My Baby You Will Always Be | Poem

my baby you will always be - short poem by ms moem

My Baby You Will Always Be

My baby you will always be
No matter where you are.
You’re like a little part of me,
Whether near or far.
I counted all your tiny toes
When you were fresh and new.
Words can’t express how proud I was
That I’d been given you.
Your tiny little newborn face
I couldn’t have loved more
And though your face was new to me
‘Twas like we’d met before.
And so each day you grew and grew
As I looked proudly on
Until one day, I looked and saw
Your baby days were gone.
But once my baby, you will stay
That way for all my days.
My baby you will always be
And I’ll love you always.

My Baby You Will Always Be is a short poem about being a mother, written by English poet Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

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Doodle | Poem

doodle poem by english poet Ms Moem


I took my pen.
I drew you out.
I got you wrong.
I rubbed you out.
I honed my craft.
I tried again.
I failed with mice
And then with men
And then with landscapes
Laced with trees.
Where others seemed to draw with ease
My lines were sloppy,
Colours weak,
Your essence greyed,
Left incomplete.

Doodle is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

Becoming Free | Short Poem

becoming free poem by ms moem, motivational affirmation poem quote.

Becoming Free

All what-ifs
And what can’t be,
I cast them out;
Now I am free.

Becoming Free is a short motivational affirmation poem written by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

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