Our Weird And Wonderful Life | Wedding Poem

wedding poem - our weird and wonderful life - wedding poetry by Ms Moem

Our Weird And Wonderful Life

Other people wonder, but they cannot understand.
They don’t know how it feels when we hold each other’s hand.
They don’t know our in-jokes, nor what makes us tick,
But that doesn’t matter. Not one little bit.

Because this is just ours and it isn’t to share.
The only thing that matters is that both of us care
About this relationship and the way we are together;
Not out of obligation, but because it is a pleasure.

We have our peculiarities but they make us unique;
Our moments of craziness can be tender and sweet.
We’re all a little weird in our own special way
And we celebrate those oddities as we unite today.

So let’s keep on going and forge our own path,
Sharing every moment and making each other laugh.
We get to decide the shape of our love.
This is our chance and this is for us.

Our Weird And Wonderful Life is a poem by Ms Moem.

Please do feel free to use this poem at your wedding. If you would like to purchase a printable copy to give to your registrar, or to the person who will be doing the reading for you, you can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/542419506/wedding-gift-idea-poem-vows-printable

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Printable Words For Your Wedding Readers & Registrars

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I’m So Lucky | Wedding Poem

I'm So Lucky ~ wedding poem written by Ms Moem

I’m So Lucky

I’m so lucky to be in love
To have a willing hand to hold
To know that we’ll stand side by side
Until we’re grey and old

I’m so lucky I’ve met my match
To have found my missing link
To know you try to understand
The way I feel and think.

I’m so lucky to feel connected
Like you’re an extension of me
We share hopes and ambitions
Of how our lives should be.

I’m so lucky I am with you
And as we say ‘I do’
The luckiest thing of all
Is that you feel the same way too.

I’m So Lucky is a modern wedding poem by Ms Moem.

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Epilogue ~ A Wedding Poem

Epilogue - A Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

One day they’ll write our epilogue
and I want it to say
that this pair stuck together
for all of their days.
They loved one another;
they made a great team,
they shared hopes and goals
and went after their dreams.
They weathered the storms,
made hay in the sun,
saw family and friends
and always had fun
but above all I hope
that when it comes to it
if asked to repeat time
we’d be happy to do it.

Epilogue is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you want to use this poem at your wedding as a wedding reading, please do drop me a line and let me know! I’d love to wish you luck for your special day.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this poem that you can download and print to share with your registrar or those who will be reading at your wedding, you can find a printable copy here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/536900690/wedding-poem-printable-epilogue-by-ms

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perfect wedding reading - epilogue - wedding poem by ms moem

Baby It’s You

Sipping life like a fine wine,
highlights on the timeline.

Everything I ever go through;
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

Seeing sights as they blur by,
feelings on a rare high.

Everything I ever go through
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

Touching all the same places,
both winning the same races.

Everything I ever go through
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

One and another, there for each other
a vow spend life as best friends and lovers.

Baby It’s You is a short wedding poem written by Ms Moem

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wedding poem ~ baby it's you ~ written by Ms Moem

Here’s To Right Now ~ Wedding Poem

Here's To Right Now ~ Wedding Poem by English poet Ms Moem @MsMoem

© Here’s To Right Now is an English wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

This wedding is suitable for all the different types of marriage ceremonies and civil ceremonies.

If you use this poem as a reading at your wedding, please do drop me a line and let me know!

To purchase a copy of this poem as a keepsake, you can find a printable version on Etsy. I handlettered it myself.

Alternatively, if you would just like a copy of the words to Here’s To Right Now to give to your chosen wedding reader, or your registrar, you can buy a copy to print here. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/532081214/printable-words-for-your-wedding-reading

Here’s To Right Now – What Does It Mean To You?

Alternatively, I would be more than happy to write something completely personal for you.

When you have something written for you, it can take any tone you like, whether that is funny or more sincere. I can write deeply romantic poems or more realistic poems. It really is guided by you. So, if you would like a custom wedding poem especially for you and your big day, please contact me via my poetry service website, iwantapoem.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

here's to right now - wedding poem by contemporary english poet ms moem