Saints Sonnet

Saints Sonnet by Ms Moem
How bold can one be when left unchallenged?
Let he who is saintly, be first to chide
For arrogance lurks in the face of pride.
Let he who is sinless, be always right
For he has nirvana in plainest sight.
Let questions be posed and answers be shared
For he who has doubt is the least prepared
And one day a moment, seeking to win
Goodness prevails, but tastes bland, unlike sin.
Contentment and hope, what more can we ask
In strangers and loved ones and all who we are
Temptation abounds, and our one small task
To stay on our track, no matter how far.
Let those be the words that are now decreed;
Temptation is nothing, it’s love we need.

Saints Sonnet is a poem © Ms Moem 2012.

Anti Valentine’s Day Poem

anti valentines day poem

On Valentine’s Day each year, lovers up and down the land
Try to impress each other, with the sweet things they have planned.
They sit in fancy restaurants, or dine in for a tenner for two
And inscribe a generic card with the message ‘I love you!’

On the surface this is lovely, but let’s look at the bigger picture;
When it comes to love in my life, it’s every day that I want to feel richer.
Why should we simply confine ourselves to a pre-determined date,
That has nothing to do personally with myself or my soulmate.

I don’t need a bunch of flowers, as I hate to watch them die.
I don’t need a pointless card, that you grabbed quickly, on the fly.
I don’t need a little trinket, that will sit and gather dust.
I don’t need expensive dinners, as I’m really not that fussed.

I don’t need a brand of perfume that I simply will not wear.
I don’t need some chocolate body paint, as you shouldn’t put that there!
Chocolate’s just for eating, and I can buy that for myself
And I don’t need another pot plant, to sit needily on my shelf.

I don’t need a new bonkbuster, designed to get me in the mood.
I don’t need impractical underwear, where I may as well be nude.
I don’t need a bottle of bubbly, or a sparkly diamond ring
And in fact, if I am honest, I don’t physically need a thing.

But what I would like more of, are smiles and kisses each day
And those moments of gentle tenderness, that say more than words can say.
I want to feel connected, and to look into your eyes
And I long to feel the happiness, of those flirty butterflies.

So I am not anti-valentines, but here is what I’ll do;
Not just this day each year, but every single day, for you
I’ll show you how I feel for you with the actions that I take!
Love is more than a feeling, it’s something magical we make.

Anti Valentines Day Poem is © Ms Moem 2012.

In Memory Of Whitney Houston

whitney houstonWe mourn the loss of Whitney Houston;
Her voice, so crisp and strong.
She inspired a million melodies
And touched hearts with her song.

Born in August 1963
An icon; she was great.
But Whitney left us far too soon
Aged merely 48.

An international superstar;
A daughter and a mother.
She was simply incomparable;
There will never be another.

Her work is now a legacy
And her soul is deep within it.
Rest in peace dear Whitney;
Thanks for your music & your spirit!

Poem In Memory Of Whitney Houston is © Ms Moem 2012.

The New Book Is Now Available

You & I Book by Ms Moem - Cover Illustration Gemma Plater
After searching for a cover star
At last my new book is here.
It’s a collection of 60 poems;
A fab way to finish the year.

I hope you’ll read and love it;
I am proud of it through and through
Thank you for supporting me;
It is written, with love, for you!

You & I – A collection of 60 love poems.
Buy today £15, with free postage and packing.

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