Hope On The Horizon | A Poem by Ms Moem

A lone man walks an endless roadHope On The Horizon Poem
Uncertain where he’s heading.
He stares at the horizon,
Never looking where he’s treading.

Hours, weeks, and months pass by;
He starts to think it strange.
So many steps passed under foot
Yet the horizon never changed.

And so he came to pause a while
He sat and took it in.
The horizon was unreachable;
A battle he could not win.

But then he looked below him
To the ground on which he stood.
He turned, as though returning;
For a while he thought he would.

Then finally a vision;
An un-deniable inner voice.
Look how far you’ve come, my son;
Your journey. Your steps. Your choice.

Life’s horizon is not constant.
You might reach it in a blur
But never stop travelling onwards
Or never know how close you were.

Hope On The Horizon is a poem © Ms Moem 2012.

Marital Bliss

From two considered, at points, obsessedmarital bliss
To co-habiting duellers, estranged, at best.

How does it turn from A to B
On the road past holy matrimony.

Once were cuddles, chats and plans
Now snarls, and stares and final demands.

Amidst the chaos of family life
You lose the lust of husband and wife.

Both too tired, cracks will form;
In a surge of passion, baby’s born.

Two years later, adults barely alive
Another pops out; will we ever survive.

Repeat that pattern, until you are bored
Or until you’ve had as many as you can afford.

Then think back with glee to day’s long gone by
When it wasn’t us, we or them, just simply you and I.

Marital Bliss is a poem © Ms Moem 2012.

Flower | A Poem by Ms Moem

Flower Poem by Ms Moem

Is one flower more beautiful than another,
As it blooms into its place in the world?
Is one woman more alluring than another
As she grows from an impressionable girl.
Does her shape define her, or is she just unique?
What one man finds poison, another finds sweet.

Judge not what you’re seeing
As somewhere below
Is a wonderful person
You’d be blessed to know.

But scorn her with caution
And don’t ever doubt her dreams.
As this fragile little flower
May be more than she seems!

Flower is a poem © Ms Moem 2012.

You Know | A Poem by Ms Moem

Did you know you left me speechless
Though it was not your intent.
Did you know I’d search your last words
For what was really meant.
Did you know I couldn’t believe it
And still you went away.
Did you hear me say I’d miss you
And that I wished that you could stay.

Did you know that I’d still feel you
As day drifted into night.
Did you know I saw your wonder;
Your star never shone so bright.
Did you know that I had questions
That I’d never dare to ask
And did you know that I was hiding
Behind a brave and comforting mask.

Did you know I’d saved your laughter
And snapshots of time gone by
But did you ever truly realise
Your absence would make me cry.
Did you know you left a legacy
For all the world to see?
Apart from all your spirit
There’s parts of you left within me.

So don’t think I will forget you
As you haven’t really gone.
Don’t think that I am hardened
Even though life must go on.
Don’t think that I don’t need you
And do not think that I don’t care.
Don’t think that I don’t see you
Because your soul is everywhere.

You Know is a poem © Ms Moem 2012.

poem for when you have lost someone

Monday Motivation #MondayMotivation

Monday Motivation poem by English poet, Ms Moem @MSMOEM

Monday Motivation

Here’s a little Monday Motivation, especially for you:
Master of your own destiny, you can make your dreams come true.
If you have a particular interest, then it’s up to you to pursue it;
Identify what you need to do, and then get on and do it!

Monday Motivation is a short rhyming poem by Ms Moem.

This is a little blast of Monday motivation written for you by Ms Moem.

For more motivational poetry,  you may be interested in my book ~ Motivational Moems.

Don’t They Grow Up Quick

I gaze down at my baby, all new and freshly born;
I count her tiny toes and evaluate her tiny form.
I inhale the scent of innocence, of purity, of youth;
I’d do anything for her, and that really is the truth.

Days blur by at rapid speed, my baby grows at pace,
Curiosity abounds and becomes etched upon her face.
Perpertually learning, I fear soon the day will come,
My baby will be grown up and more intelligent than her Mum.

It’s not that I am sitting here thinking “Cripes, aren’t I thick!”
But rather, where has time gone and don’t they grow up quick!
It’s been rather a whirlwind as her childhood whizzed past
And one thing’s for certain, babies really don’t last!

So, I looked at my baby, on her way to secondary school;
Her personality truly developed, and her senses oh so cool,
It honestly feels like she was only born about five minutes ago
But it has truly been an honour to watch her blossom & grow.

Now we begin a new era, as my baby days have flown
And without a backward glance, poor old Mum is home alone!
So I’ll excitedly wait for the school bell, for my babies to return;
They really do grow up quickly and that’s one lesson I’m sad to learn!

Don’t They Grow Up Quick is a poem © Ms Moem 2011.

A Poem by Ms Moem - Don't They Grow Up Quick

When You Lose Somebody

When you lose somebody
Your life is changed forever
It’s an indescribeable feeling
And can be hard to keep it together.

People um and ah alot
Or don’t know what to say.
They ask how you are feeling
And you answer “I’m OK!”

But what you really mean to say
Is, no, I’m not alright.
But it’s not the done thing to mention it
So grief is concealed out of sight.

And then the subject changes;
The moment to talk is gone.
You stare out into space
As A.N.Other rambles on.

You’re reliving conversations
And moments long gone by.
You’re picturing all the best bits
Trying desperately not to cry.

And then your thoughts are pierced
Brought back to the present day
But memories can be replayed perpetually
Though the physical being has gone away.

So, in that sense they are still living
Like an echo in life’s grand hall
And focusing on the positive
It was an honour to know them at all.

When You Lose Somebody is a poem © Ms Moem 2011.


Life is quite two sided
And can be good or bad.
Some moments are momentous
But life can make you sad.

Life can throw you curveballs
That leave you without words.
Life is a rollercoaster;
Sometimes utterly absurd.

But then upon the flipside
To focus on the good
Makes life much more enjoyable
Than being miserable would.

Life is an experience.
Life is truly sacred.
Life is there for living
And life is what you make it.

Life is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may only be reproduced with the express permission of Ms Moem. Please do feel free to contact me!

Decor Ab Intra Est

A shadow tells a tale. A footprint tells a story.
A scar bears historic legend, of a battle fought and won
Where was the girl who once basked in all her youthful glory
Who stood right up to fear, and ran into the arms of fun.
Oh yes, she was magnificent, with all the bravado of youth
And all the answers, and time, and time and time…
But too quickly it passed, and whilst denying the truth
The world kept on turning, and she missed the sign.
It had to happen with her, and if not, then not at all
Be it person or place, or life changing scene
With only a dream, she was waiting for the call
Whilst wistfully mourning, all that might have been.
The glittering lights, would now never be lit
The vision distorted, departed
She came to accept that she couldn’t regret it,
As with determination, she would surely have started.
It never was meant to be this way
Long laid plans missed an active voice
So timid, she happened to stay quiet that day
She chose her path, though not first choice;
Gone were the answers and time of before
Gone was the chance to prove the world wrong
Yet, a spark from within said that she could do more;
This angel was yet to sing her finest song.
Only the lines on her face dare to suggest
Life has been lived, though not done yet.
She’ll always be beautiful; Decor ab intra est.
Sit lucet!

Decor Ab Intra Est is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may only be reproduced with the express permission of Ms Moem. Please do feel free to contact me!

Decor Ab Intra Est means Beauty comes from within.
Si lucet! means Let it shine!

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